Take advantage of the breakthrough offer on the market a dedicated marketing advisor and PR for your company

New Marketing Consulting offers breakthrough quality of services in the area of marketing and PR, ensuring maximally effective and intelligent management of resources and enterprise budget.
What makes our offer exceptional?

  • A revolutionary service involving a cooperation package with the best experts on the Polish market in the field of marketing and PR starting from the amount of a monthly remuneration of a specialist (2,999 PLN net);
  • Breakthrough audits of activities carried out in the field of marketing and PR thanks to which you can save up to 50% of the budget dedicated for such activities, reaching up to 50% more benefits;

  • Individual support and consulting aimed at your success which will allow you to outclass your competitors and achieve specific business goals;

  • Our iron rule involves activities based on increasing revenue with the maximum intelligent use of the budget. With us you will see profits from the first day of cooperation.



We guarantee you 100% satisfaction
from the effects of our conversation.

Our experts, the best on the market, have worked for:

Now we will focus with commitment on achieving your successes. All you need to do is contact us.

What makes us no. 1?

We do not waste time on bureaucracy and routine. On the contrary, we treat each of our customers as a strategic partner within an individual form of cooperation expected by you. From the very first day of cooperation, we become your eyes and ears. We become familiar with your situation and immediately start thinking like you. There is only one goal: to implement your business goal, save your resources, outclass your competitors, achieve a strategic advantage in the sector you operate and wish to develop. Below you will find information about our breakthrough approach.

First of all – we help you answer the question: “Where am I?” and “What can I do better?”

At this stage we present you with an external analysis of your activities and situation in the field of marketing and PR activities. We indicate your position in comparison to your competitors. We determine your strengths as well as the areas we can achieve better results together. We define the path to your success!

Second of all – we implement the following approach: “up to 50% more benefits with up to 50% less expenses”

Practically, in our industry it is assumed that 20% of marketing budgets are wasted on wrong and unsuccessful activities, and such suboptimal use of budgets causes that 80% of the expenses can bring only 20% of the assumed benefits.
We can restore effectiveness beneficial for you in this process. We know that the marketing and promotional budget is not a virtual accounting record, but it comes from resources developed thanks to the hard work of the sales departments of your company. Therefore, we will present you an analysis of your expenses from the perspective of their effectiveness and purposefulness, and we will present you an assessment of the possibilities to reduce costs, simultaneously increasing the effectiveness and strength of your marketing activities.

Third of all – an integrated approach. What does it mean?

In the approach commonly applicable on the market, PR is considered to be “a nice have” or an additional insignificant element of marketing activities. We will show you that properly used PR can become a powerful weapon for your company and the most cost-efficient instrument in building your position on the market. We will help you determine how you can effectively affect your business environment and achieve a strategic advantage over your competitors. We will show you the benefits of properly planned and carried out PR activities.

Below you will find answers to several questions which will help you become better acquitted with the possibilities of cooperating with us.

The area of marketing and PR in practice creates unlimited opportunities to increase sales, build a brand and position enterprises on the market. However, this situation has another face - wrong decisions, poorly planned campaigns and plans or incompetent employees can make expenses on such activities become the proverbial “bottomless well”.

When do you need us?

We will be your best choice if you wish to maximize your profits reducing expenses on marketing and PR. We will also help you if you see that your marketing and PR activities do not achieve the assumed goals – we will tell you how to achieve them. We will show you how to outclass your competitors so that you can achieve the leading position on the market.

What does working with us look like?

The first element is a meeting during which we discuss your situation and needs. Then we present you our assessments and analyses based on which we build recommendations and action plans. When you accept our plan, we help you implement activities in practice. We operate like your personal advisor and we are at your disposal in each and every situation when you need us.

What are our prices?

We provide top quality services starting from 2,999 PLN per project or cooperation in one month. We have an individual approach to each order and we adjust our offer to your needs and possibilities. Detailed terms and conditions of remuneration are specified each time with you within the cooperation agreement.

Why will you be satisfied with our services?

Because you will get the best possible weapon – your own excellently prepared and determined to achieve success personal advisor in the field of marketing and PR. We are practitioners, we are dynamic – we are set to achieve success with the largest possible profits for your company.